Notes for meeting on July 30, 2016.

derek riemer

• The lighthouse for the blind has shown interest in becoming a keynote speaker for the 2016 North American Conference.
o I have a meeting scheduled with them for this.
• International level: Create an award for outstanding devotion towards NVDA.
o We will discuss this more at the international conference planning meetings.
• We need to promote the conference to rehab agencies or other organizations that might be interested in learning about NVDA.
• We have a new database. This database is private to only list administrators. Since anyone can join the list, I can’t make it viewable to all people who are subscribed. If the conference should contact someone, It might be useful to put their contact information in the database.
• Panel session was voted into existence.
• Possible panelists are: NVDA Users
o At work
o At school
o At home
o User of NVDA and another screen reader.
• Please contact me if you have contacts with people or blindness organizations who may have interest in promoting this conference.
• Conference will occur Friday night and Saturday. (September 16 and 17th).
• Schedule topics
o Using Microsoft office with NVDA.
o Testing in a university lab with NVDA. (Unless I can’t find anyone interested in running it).
o The keynote
o Panel discussion
o Open Forum
• Sound logo, Can we get one quickly?
• NVDA launch sound (we discussed using this for the international conference and not our regional one).
• Next meeting is in two weeks.