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derek riemer

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Dear NVDA users around the world:

I am Derek Riemer, the chair of the NVDA Con (NVDA conference) for the north American region. Are you an NVDA user? Are you using NVDA in a setting like work, school, for fun, or any situation in which you’d like the world to know? We are having a panel discussion at our fall North American conference, to be held online on the evening of September 16 and the day of September 17th. If you are an NVDA user who’d like to be on a small (4 or 5) person panel, please contact us. Also, If you are someone who uses NVDA, or someone who is looking at the possibility of using NVDA in the future, do you halve any questions you’d like our panelists to answer? If so, please send them to us, so we can prepare questions. Please email any questions, or submissions to be a panelist, to We are super excited to bring a panel discussion to our first NVDACon US. We have a website at and you can find our schedule there. Please check back periodically, as we are still finalizing times for sessions.  I look forward to seeing you at the conference!


Derek Riemer

  • Department of computer science, third year undergraduate student.
  • Proud user of the NVDA screen reader.
  • Open source enthusiast.
  • Member of Bridge Cu
  • Avid skiier.

Honors portfolio
Awesome little hand built weather app!

email me at derek.riemer@...
Phone: (303) 906-2194

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