You are invited: NVDACon 2016 preview open forum, April 8, 2016


Dear members of the NVDA community, NVDACon members, presenters and others:


You are cordially invited to attend the next chapter in NVDACon planning: preview open forum, to be held on April 8, 2016 at the actual NVDACon conference site (NVDA Korea TeamTalk channel). This meeting, to be held over two sessions, will let you see the glimpse of how NVDACon planning is going, as well as to receive last minute input before the conference promotion begins next week. This meeting will also be used as an opportunity for presenters to network with each other, to finalize the conference schedule and to invite NVDA community members to start preparing for this conference via promotions, testimony submissions and so on.


Event details:

·         Date: April 8, 2016

·         Location: NVDA Korea TeamTalk channel (; be sure to follow directions posted at

·         First meeting: 01:00 UTC (6 PM Pacific (April 7th), 9 PM Eastern and elsewhere).

·         Second meeting: 17:00 UTC (10 AM Pacific (April 8th), 1 PM Eastern and elsewhere).

·         The second meeting will be held for those who couldn’t make it to the first one (we recommend everyone (especially presenters) to attend the first meeting). For best experience, please install TeamTalk 5.1 or later and have a microphone handy.

·         Note that this isn’t part of NVDACon - we’ll decide the overall schedule, including when to hold the first session during this preview open forum.


Previously, all NVDACon planning meetings were for NVDACon members, but we believe that it’s time to report to the community as to how we’re doing. This meeting will also serve as a venue to discuss tenth anniversary events scheduled for the rest of the year and to give planners of our next big NVDACon (international) a chance to get together and start planning.


In regards to conference schedule: once the schedule is finalized, a press release will be sent throughout the community (including to local NVDA communities) via email and social media.


Hope the see you at the preview open forum.


Joseph S. Lee

Chair, NVDA Tenth Anniversary Planning Committee