Welcome to you all and our first business item: to whom should we promote our events?


Hi folks,

First, a happy Thanksgiving weekend for those celebrating it (including me).

I’d like to welcome you all to the planning task force for NvDACon 2016 and other tenth anniversary events. This forum will serve as our mini conference to gather ideas for celebrating this huge milestone for NVDA next year.

Our first item for business is event promotions. Currently Derek Riemer (one of the committee members) have sent an invitation to various groups, including staff at Microsoft and NV Access, faculty at his college and others, and I have just sent a tweet to Python Software Foundation (PSF) asking for helping us with planning the events and a chance to connect with other Python developers. Thus we would like to hear from you as to who should we contact next, as it is important that we get the word out to many people in order to make our tenth anniversary events successful. Also, if you have event suggestions and comments, please do let this forum know. Thank you.



NVDA Tenth Anniversary Planning Task Force Chair