Welcome to NVDA Tenth Anniversary/NVDACon 2016 Planning Task Force


Dear NVDA users, developers and supporters around the world:

Welcome to NVDA Tenth Anniversary/NVDACon 2016 Planning Task Force. I’m Joseph Lee and will serve as the chair of this task force. Please feel free to sit down, chat around and discuss topics related to celebrating this huge milestone.


The goal of this task force is to plan what we the NVDA community can do to help NV Access celebrate NVDA’s tenth birthday in 2016. Currently, our agenda includes planning and promoting NVDACon 2016, possible fundraiser activities and more.


For those on the NvDACon discussion list, please feel free to suggest things we as a community can do. For those on the announcement list, you are more than welcome to participate by joining the discussion group by sending an email to nvdacon+subscribe@groups.io. Important announcements such as dates will be communicate to both groups.


Thanks, and once again, I’d like to welcome all of you to a historic moment in the history of NonVisual Desktop Access screen reader.



Joseph S. Lee


NVDA Tenth Anniversary Task Force Chair