Well I have used nvda from build 425 back in 2007 I think.
I have used hal/supernova and jaws, and I was interested with the amount of info nvda was able to output without the use of an interception driver.
Nvda is fast and portable and now moddable.
While the espeak system is a robotic thing the quality is clear, clearer than any free synth I have seen and can be run on any system.
I use nvda more than supernova screenreader which I still use for the odd non standard program.
Back then I had xp and could only upgrade one reader when I hit 7.
So jaws didn't get upgraded.
I will keep a conercial reader round but even so.
On all my remote machines and systems I fix I use nvda for all the work and I really like it.
I started as a student at university but now use it for home mainly for my website testing and software testing hobby which I hope to become a business at some point.
I however havn't touched an office program in years and use jarte mostly for reading.
My programs include notepad, thunderbird, firefox and skype as well as winamp.
Those are what I have used for ages on win7.
On those systems that have 10 I have found nvda works well enough with the interface and I generally find it a good program for what it is.