Security reset of all resources

derek riemer

Hello all:
After several weeks of patiently asking people not to post on our NVDACon official channels without first doing diligence to ensure posts are professional, I have decided to change all security credentials on nvdacon accounts to stop the members who are repeat offenders of our do-diligence policy from damaging the conference's reputation. We are no longer a small organization, we're regularly promoting this conference to professional groups, and our social media image must be a reflection of this reality. Furthermore, until people can gain trust that their posts are quality and that they will not be posting half-baked messages that have clear grammar and spelling issues, and until such time as those people properly verify that their messages are so by having someone else look at them if they struggle with grammar and spelling, people will have to submit their posts to a small trusted group of nvdacon members who can update the site, update the posts on social media, etc. This small group of people will grant access as needed and once trust is established. As well, anyone who shares credentials for our organizations without notifying our leads will have this trust revoked. I will contact you if I have enough trust as chair to allow you to safeguard credentials and post, and will ask if you are willing to do so.

Derek Riemer
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