Save the date: NVDACon 2016 keynote, April 30, 2016 at 00:00 UTC


Dear members of the NVDA community:


As part of NVDACon 2016, we’ll be having a keynote presentation from none other than NVDA lead developers (Mick Curran and Jamie Teh). The event details are as follows:


·         Event: NVDACon 2016 keynote: history, reflections, and looking ahead

·         Date: April 30, 2016

·         Time: 00:00 UTC (10 AM Queensland (Australia), 5 PM Pacific on the 29th) and elsewhere)

·         Location: NVDA Korea TeamTalk server ( Auditorium


Besides the keynote, we’ll have presentations from Mozilla, LibLouis project, F123 Access, Dictation Bridge and others, with topics ranging from math support, speech recognition, global NVDA communities, chat between add-on authors and users, intro sessions for beginning NVDA users and more. Info on the conference, as well as the complete schedule can be found at the conference website at


Thank you.


Joseph Lee

Chair, NVDA Tenth Anniversary Planning Committee