Report: January 23rd meeting summary, next meeting scheduled for February 13th


Hi all,

Although some parts of today’s planning meetings were uneventful (at least the first session was), the participants (I, Cleverson, Bahvya and Derek) discussed some important topics, including:

·         NVDACon date: we now have a tentative conference date(s): April 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th. A poll will be sent out to this forum asking if we should hold NVDACon 2016 during these dates.

·         Sponsorships: We’ll start asking more people and organizations to sponsor NVDACon and other anniversary events, with different members asking different sectors (for instance, Derek will be asking some corporations using NVDA and mainstream programmers).

·         Crowd funding: The participants were thinking about setting up a crowd funding campaign to fund various events throughout 2016, and was agreed that it should be done through an account in Australian banks.

·         Sessions: At least four sessions will be scheduled for NVDACon 2016: general session/open forum for NVDA users and developers (not discussed in today’s meeting but will be added to continue the tradition), the keynote session from NV Access staff, a session on NVDA and math and a session designed for add-on users and developers, especially those using certain add-ons.

·         Radio broadcasts of NVDACon 2016: We’ve received word from ACB Radio and a blindness radio station in India who’d like to broadcast at least the keynote session from NVDACon 2016.


Lastly, it was decided that we’ll hold monthly planning meetings, and our next meeting is scheduled for February 13th. The tentative meeting schedule is thus:

·         February 13: more progress updates, sponsorships, session planning and scheduling, recruiting speakers.

·         Early March (prior to CSUN 2016 conference): Meeting with session presenters and sponsors, crowd funding and promotion.

·         April 8: Conference schedule coordination with NV access, NVDACon schedule to be finalized, other anniversary events, NVDACon 2016 promotion begins.


Our meeting place for our monthly meetings will be NVDA Korea TeamTalk server.


One final note: Please remember that by helping to organize NVDACon and other events, you are serving NVDA user and developer community at large, and in extension, blindness community. Your suggestions and efforts (even one small suggestion) are not forgotten – remember that many people are thanking you for the hard work you do to make 2016 a memorable year for NVDA community.


P.S. Although it is better to meet deadlines, please don’t rush (taking time to think through and planning ahead is better). Also, if you are in school (like I am), please make good impressions upon your friends and instructors; if you are at work, your job is important. Whatever you do, please do your best to fulfill the assignment you are given (homework, job projects, etc.) before worrying too much about NVDACon and other events (we are all volunteers).


Thanks, and hope to see you at the February 13th meeting. As always, suggestions, comments, concerns and other content relating to planning NVDACon and other events are welcome on this forum. As for exact conference dates, it’ll be announced once the results of the conference schedule poll are in.



Joseph S. Lee

Chair, NVDA Tenth Anniversary Planning Committee