Reorganizing the committee

derek riemer

Hello all:
After nearly a year of disorganization, I am trying to get this committee back into shape for properly planning a conference.
We currently have a form on the NVDACon page, which I would like everyone to fill out if you are actually interested in helping NVDACon. Gauging based on the number of subscribers to this list, there are at least ten members who are simply on this list to watch. That is fine, but going forward, unless someones name is on the spreadsheet created by this form, I won't be granting access to Google Drive, or other shared resources. Also, only members who are officially resourced have voting power. Additionally, having resources listed makes it easier for the leads to properly utilize the available talent on the list and give order to the committee, so that the actions we take are strategic.
Please fill this form out before our next NVDACon meeting on Nov 7, so I can get a feel for who wants to be included in further NVDACon planning efforts in official capacity and can ensure account access is properly set up to google drive and other such resources.

Derek Riemer
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