NVDACon and post-conference planning: slight schedule changes, regional/national/local conferences


Hi everyone,


Few important things:


·         Schedule change: the math session, originally scheduled for April 22, has been pushed back to April 29 due to scheduling conflict reported by our speaker (Derek Riemer is likely to be the presenter, along with Sina Bahram).

·         Microsoft presentation: we’d still like to feature Kelly Ford as a featured speaker, either as a Lightning Talk presenter (on the 29th) or as a full session presenter on the same date. Can someone contact him regarding this? I tried contacting him via an address shown on his blog (couldn’t find his official Microsoft staff address).

·         Publishing the schedule: once we hear back from Jamie and/or Mick regarding keynote time, as well as from Dave and Sean (NVDA and employment) regarding their preferred presentation date and time (in UK time), the chair will publish the final schedule (this is turning out to be a packed conference).

·         Room assignments: Lightning Talks I and II will be held at the Community room, full session presentations will be split between Accessibility and Community rooms (primarily to be done from the Community room), Keynote Auditorium is reserved for Mick and Jamie, Mozilla and Google discussion rooms are reserved for add-ons festival and beginners sessions and other discussions. The entrance hall/root channel are reserved for conference opener/open forum and closing forum, and at other times, will serve as a waiting area/lounge. The conference website has direct links to connect to these rooms. Most rooms will feature push to talk mode (it’s possible to do this) with some exceptions (sessions that’ll require live demos, such as Lightning Talks, will use voice activation).

·         Session recordings: I and Michael Hansen, together with one or two other engineers will record conference sessions. The recordings will be made available soon after the conference ends, with the format being 64 KBPS mp3’s. For Lightning Talks, there will be two recordings: a complete recording and separate recordings for each presenter/team (the second version would be useful for promotional purposes).



·         Conference feedback: Should we create a survey (to be sent out a few days after the conference) asking for feedback?

·         Regional/national/local meetings: during conference planning, some of us felt it would be great to have mini NVDACon’s around the world (via region/country/language/local community). As a first step, NVDACon Korea will be held sometime in July or August at NVDA Korea TeamTalk channel (same place as NVDACon 2016), and I’m about to send out a notice to see if NVDACon US could be held (for users and developers in United States, Canada and Mexico, to be held sometime in fall). In regards to NVDACon EU, Davy Kager (LibLouis contributor and braille features presenter) expressed concerns about languages, and same could be said about those who are planning regional NVDACon gatherings where language could be an issue. The plan is to limit NVDACon International to an annual event in order to give Mick and Jamie time to rest.

·         Continued from the above: Shortly after NVDACon 2016 is over, I’ll send an email to NVDA translators regarding the above proposal to see if some of them would like to organize regional/national/language/local meetings (doesn’t have to be online).


Please let us know if the proposal sounds good to you. Looking forward to meeting you at NVDACon 2016 in about two weeks’ time.