NVDACon 2016: Speakers luncheon


Hello NVDACon speakers and broadcasters:


I’m Joseph Lee, the chair of the NVDA Tenth Anniversary Planning Committee. Hope you are having a great time this week, and for some of you, hope you are enjoying CSUN 2016 conference.


I’d like to cordially invite you to a speakers and broadcasters meeting to be held in early April. The purpose of this meeting is to meet and finalize NVDACon schedule. At the moment our meeting place will be at the actual conference “site” – NVDA Korea TeamTalk server ( powered by TeamTalk 5 (note that you need to install TeamTalk 5 to join us) and hope to come up with a suitable meeting time by end of March.


At the moment the speakers and their topics are:


·         Mick and Jamie (NV Access): Keynote (April 30th)

·         Dave and Sean: NVDA and employment (full session, likely the 23rd or whenever both are ready)

·         Davy: Braille features (Lightning Talk II (April 29th))

·         Noelia: add-ons (with help from a translator if possible; April 23rd)

·         Fernando: F123 Access (full session, likely April 22nd)

·         Lucy and Pranav: Dictation Bridge (Lightning Talk I (April 22nd)

·         Kelly Ford (Microsoft, will need to get his email address somehow)

·         Marco Zehe (Mozilla, will need his address too)


Possible topics and speakers:


·         Math (don’t know yet, Derek Riemer has shown interest in this session; this will be featured as a full session)

·         User support forum intro: I’m copying Nimer Jaber on this topic in case he is interested in giving a lightning talk about this.

·         Add-on writing intro: Sent an invitation to Doug Lee about giving a talk about this topic.

·         Beginners session: Likely to be hosted by me but looking for others to help out.


Broadcasters so far:


·         ACB Radio (copying Jeff Bishop)

·         Radio Udan (copying a staff from this station, hope I’m spelling it right).



The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:


·         Speaker and broadcaster introductions: giving a short summary on their talk, networking with other speakers and so on.

·         Testing TeamTalk features and doing a short rehearsal as though a session is taking place (all sessions except one or two will be held in a classroom setting where operators will control who’ll speak; for the duration of a talk, the presenter will be given operator privileges). Testing TeamTalk features also allows broadcasters to configure their streaming settings for optimal broadcasting quality.

·         Scheduling: See the next list for scheduling priority and order.

·         Fleshing out final details – last minute suggestions, promotion events, post-conference planning and so on.


Scheduling priority and order:


1.       Keynote: Definitely April 30th, to be held as the second to last session; preferably when Mick and Jamie are most comfortable to talk. It was decided that this session will be broadcast live around the world.

2.       Opening session and open forum.

3.       Full sessions (about an hour each) when the presenter(s) is comfortable to present (organizers will honor time zone preferences).

4.       Lightning Talk order (please negotiate as to who’ll speak when and the presentation order). Lightning talk should be scheduled at a time when presenters for that day’s lightning talk series are ready to present (the organizers will accommodate time zone preferences).

5.       Other sessions: these include add-on festival sessions, beginner sessions and so on.


As for when we should meet: it’s really up to you (some may prefer weekdays on the first week of April, others may prefer the second weekend of April and so on). Please let me and Derek know by March 31st as to the most comfortable date and time for all of us to meet (speakers, broadcasters, NVDACon committee members, members of the NVDA community and other interested parties). When you do reply, please use reply to all so we can exchange comments, and in case anyone have email addresses for Kelly, Marco, Doug or other speakers interested in presenting something, please forward this email to them.


For more information on NVDACon and steps on joining us (especially for the speakers luncheon/meeting), visit Thanks, and hope to see you all at NVDACon speakers luncheon.


P.S. If there are other broadcasters who are interested in broadcasting parts of this conference (especially keynote session), please have a representative contact me. Thanks.