NVDACon 2016: Joslee's add-ons forum, April 23rd at 02:00 UTC


Hello everyone,


As part of NVDACon 2016/add-ons festival, I’ll be holding a chat with users of my add-ons on April 23, 2016 at 02:00 UTC (7 PM Pacific on the 22nd and elsewhere) at Mozilla discussion room. Users of the following add-ons are encouraged to attend:

·         Control Usage Assistant

·         Easy Table Navigator

·         GoldWave

·         Resource Monitor

·         StationPlaylist Studio

·         Windows 10 App Essentials


Also, if nobody wants to do it, I’ll host an add-on writing session later that day (likely at 22:00 UTC) at Mozilla discussion room (the organizers were hoping that Doug Lee, the creator of TeamTalk add-on would present this session). Also, please let NVDACon folks know if you’d like to host a similar event for users of your add-ons on the 23rd.