NVDACon 2016: Interactive lab on add-on creation and NVDA Core development basics, schedule complete


Hi everyone,


At the moment we didn’t hear back from Kelly Ford (would be happy to accommodate him if possible).


As of now, all session schedules are complete:


·         Add-ons Festival: So far Joseph Lee and Derek Riemer have volunteered to hold chat sessions with users of their add-ons.

·         Add-on writing: Joseph Lee will host an interactive lab on writing NVDA add-ons and getting started with NVDA Core development. Topics to be covered include Python version and dependencies, add-on structure, looking at NVDA log, formulating fixes for NVDA Core and so on. For this session, it’ll be an interactive lab and people are encouraged to follow along. It’ll be held at the Mozilla discussion room at 23:00 UTC on the 23rd (4 PM Pacific, 7 PM Eastern and elsewhere).

·         Math session: I’m delighted to announce that Sina Bahram, president of Access Prime Consulting will be joining our presenters panel for math session along with Derek Riemer (please pass this onto math mailing lists).


Thank you. Hope to see many of you at NVDACon 2016 (remember, the events start at the times shown (in UTC time zone; please convert to your time zone).