NVDACon 2016: Add-ons Festival audio archived, third and fourth day schedule


Ladies and gentlemen:


I’m delighted to announce that Add-ons Festival sessions audio are now available:

·         Joslee’s Add-on Party: http://www.nvda-kr.org/files/NVDACon_2016_Add-ons%20Festival%20(Joseph%20Lee).mp3

·         Meet Derek’s Add-ons: http://www.nvda-kr.org/files/NVDACon_2016_Add-ons%20Festival%20(Derek%20Riemer).mp3

·         Interactive lab on getting started with NVDA add-ons and Core development (led by Joseph Lee): http://www.nvda-kr.org/files/NVDACon_2016_NVDA%20Interactive%20Lab.mp3


Also, the third day of NVDACon will consist of:

·         NVDA 101 for users of other screen readers: 00:00 UTC on April 29, 2016 (5 PM Pacific on the 28th).

·         NVDA and math: 14:00 UTC (7 AM Pacific) on the 29th.

·         Lightning Talk II (NVDA communities and braille support): 17:00 UTC (10 AM Pacific) on April 29th.

·         NVDA 101 for beginners: 19:00 UTC (12 PM Pacific).


The last one will be a quickie as we need to prepare for the keynote presentation.


Fourth day:

·         Keynote presentation: 00:00 UTC on April 30th (5 PM Pacific on the 29th).

·         Closing forum and testimonials: 16:00 UTC (9 AM Pacific) on the 30th.


Attending at least the keynote session is strongly recommended. Also, we’re still accepting testimonials - please send them to nvdacon@groups.io. Info on schedule can be found at http://www.nvda-kr.org/en/nvdacon.php (when you do come to keynote, please use the Keynote Auditorium link provided on the website, and please arrive early).


See you at the second half of NVDACon, and enjoy the Add-ons Festival audio archive.