NVDA Con Internal and NVDA Con US

Lino Morales

Hello. I’ve forgotten the NVDA Con US group email address or else I’d BCC what I’m about to say on here. No I don’t want to be apart of setting this up for this year, but I did want to say that I really hope you all envolved would really consider using Zoom Meeting for future NVDA Con events. TT is great, but I really had a hell of a time trying to participate last summer during the open session with you fellow NVDA users when I wanted to key up and speak. It was rather frustrating. With the use of Zoom you can have further control who’s speaking when its their turn by using the raise hand feature. I don’t want to hear the excuse that Zoom is not accessible. It is and if you leaders/ users of Zoom want to learn it and implement it’s use on NVDA Con International and US. I really wanted Derek R to contact me privately about this matter, but I don’t know if he’s busy etc. So this is why I chose to lay out this suggestion here. By all means do not take what I’ve said as rude etc. I just want for all of us to have a better way of getting a fair shake if you will in participating in this awesome yearly event. In closing thanks for reading this.


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