Notes of the second meeting on March 17th


Hey there, to all I am needing a copy of the spread sheet so I can begin to
add stuff to it.

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Dear all,

please find below the notes of the second meeting.

Current organizing status (discussions with NV Access, g-suite, conference

* A contributors dinner took place at CSun 2019 where several people
met face to face.
* G-Suite is created and a limited number of individual accounts could
be set up. This needs to be discussed in more detail with NV Access.
* Conference dates: We will discuss this in a separate meeting where
Quentin can join (end of april could be suitable but we should try to get
him earlier on a meeting).
* Preliminary schedule will probably be posted one month in advance of
the conference.

Board members

* Derek and Adriani are the cochairs for this year. Laura is the
promotion coordinator. The position for audio editing coordinator is still

NVDACon on Youtube

* Youtube channel has been set up to stream NVDACon live. Hopefully
this will allow more broad participation. Captions will also allow deaf
blind people to participate. Some things still have to be discussed (i.e.
video background etc.).
* This may allow the spanish community to translate the conference and
rebroadcast in spanish. In an early NVDACon polish translation was a
success. Joseph has experience with that. Derek and Adriani will reach out
to the spanish user and discuss how the translation will really work. The
options are:

1. Stream in parallel on a second server and translate instantly
(concern: what if the connection of the translator breaks and we do not get
notified accordingly?)
2. Stream on Youtube and translate instantly, the translator must
switch between Youtube and Teamtalk
3. Take the recording, translate it separately and play it on the
second server for the spanish community. Then, collect questions and either
get in touch with NV Access independently or give us translated questions
and we forward them to NV Access (requires less ressources and is not so
vulnerable to connection issues).

Laura on promotions

* Laura wants to get the conference into access world. The conference
needs to be planned out by the previous month before to get us in. She will
also edit the excel promo sheet and a promotion team will be set up soon.
She could reach to the translators with a message for promo (i.e. promote
something bigger first like impact of NVDA and then talk about NVDACon

Best regards