My application for NVDACon chair

Adriani Botez

Dear NVDACon organizers and members,


with this E-Mail I would like to apply for the chair of NVDACon for this year. For that reason, please consider my resume below. I write it in the e-mail body because I don’t know if this mail list accepts attachments.


My experience in leadership is not really extensive, but I am convinced that I have enough social experience to gather leadership competence through this oportunity. My goal for the NVDACon this year would be to reach a number of attendees above 100 and to bring this meaninful conference to the next level, that is to bring more official companies and organizations on the conference while keeping enough room for free interactions between users and developers of this project.



Name: Adriani Botez

Contact: Cologne, Germany • +49(0)174-3448169 • adriani.botez@...


Undergraduate Business Administration, finance & marketing at University of Applied Sciences Giessen, currently financial analyst at KFW banking group, applying for the chair position for the yearly international NVDA conference.

Fundamental experience in marketing and strong organisational skills developed and demonstrated through previous and current voluntary work. Strongly pronounced intercultural and foreign language competences Due to previous extensive stays abroad. Advanced IT knowledge accrued through the NVDA project and through colaborations on different platforms like google drive, sharepoint, github etc.


Community experience

  • 2010: Started using NVDA ´, currently using different screen readers to stay informed
  • 2016: Created first issues on Github and began to study this project in more detail
  • 2017: created different support channels for the german community (Facebook, Whats app, E-Mail etc.) and contribute since then on this channels to provide support and to keep people informed about what happens in the international community
  • 2018:
  1. started translation work on NVDA project including addons, website and interface for german and romanian.
  2. Joined support channels on the romanian community and providing support when time allows it.
  3. Attended my first NVDACon and contributed to its organization.
  • 2019: contributing to issue triaging on Github, including contact of issue authors, testing if isues are still reproducible and closing / labeling issues accordingly.



2011-2015: Member of MTP E.V. (Marketing zwischen Theorie & Praxis) Student Association

  • Organised and conducted events e.g. Cannes Rolle, a mini advertising festival named after the big Cannes Rolle which takes place in Cannes, Digital Marketing congress, different workshops
  • Communicating and acquiring sponsors for different events



Member of the Student Council of the faculty of Business at University of Applied Sciences

  • Organized and conducted different events E.G. Summer festival, introductory events for first trimester students
  • Consulted new students in every matter and assisted tehm according to their needs.




  • (2 months)         Scotland / Travelling


  • (4 months)         Scotland, Edinburgh: Single Trimester Exchange Student, Edinburgh Napier  University


  • Germany: emmigrated from Romania


Spoken languages:

  • Romanian: mother tongue
  • German: C2
  • English: C1
  • French: A1


IT Skills

  • MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, some HTML, Windows, IOS, Google Docs, Google Drive, Lotus, sharepoint, Github, Teamtalk, Youtube



•             Travelling: experiencing different cultures and ways of living

•             Sports: Judo, Climbing, Blind Soccer

•             Outdoor activities: hiking, swimming

•             Other activities: playing guitar, watching documentaries