Invitation: 2017 NVDA Community Add-ons Festival, all day on September 23, 2017


Dear NVDA community,


I’m delighted to announce that the 2017 edition of NVDA Community Add-ons Festival will be held on September 23, 2017 via NVDACon TeamTalk Conference Center (, with Skype to be used as an alternate meeting site for some sessions.


Overview: NVDA Community Add-ons Festival is a one day event where users can have a town hall discussion with authors of their favorite add-ons, as well as for members of the add-ons community to come together to discuss current state of the community. The first iteration of this meeting took place during NVDACon 2016 (Tenth Anniversary Edition) where Derek Riemer and Joseph Lee (I) had a meeting with users of our add-ons.


In addition to usual add-on users/developers chat, we will have three additional sessions around the time of the Festival:


  • Project Pylennium, an update: a short presentation on how Python 3 transition research is going, along with tips for add-on authors in making their add-ons run happily on Python 2 and 3 for majority of cases, as well as things to be aware of when making the switch.
  • Add-on development hands-on lab: designed for beginners and scripters of other screen readers, this lab will get people started on writing NVDA add-ons. Topics to be covered include Python concepts add-on writers need to know, using various NVDA functions and classes, and tips for specific add-on types. If you’ve attended a similar lab in 2016 conference, you’ll find the content will be quite similar.
  • Development summit for would-be NVDA developers: this optional seminar is designed for users who are thinking about contributing code to NVDA and could serve as first of a series of meetings where beginners learn Python and NVDA development from seasoned NVDA experts.


As for times: it’s up to add-on authors as to when they’d like to meet with users. If you’re an add-on author and would like to reserve a time slot where you can meet with users, please let me know by September 8, 2017, hence the “all day” tag. The two to three sessions outlined above will be scheduled at the time when no add-on users/developers chats take place.


Thanks, and hope to see you on September 23rd.