Introducing NVDA Users and Developers Hispanic Meeting

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I'm Iván Novegil, writing from a NVDA hispanic Community's webpage ( This is a little project founded with the aim of providing resources, information and support about NVDA in Spanish and to maintain the NVDA translations into Spanish and other languages which are also official in hispanic countries, such as Galician (in Spain).

We are now eight persons coming from various countries (Spain, Paraguay, Chile, etc.)organized in three teams, and apart from the website and the NVDA translations we are promoting several projects, for example, the add-on development between community members, the translation of add-ons that are currently not in the global community's translations system, a little support service through email and Twitter, and some other we'll be publishing in a few months. We work through three main ways: the previously mentioned website, the NVDA-es mailing list and our accounts in social media (Facebook, Twitter...).

One of the projects we are thinking in is a NVDA conference in Spanish, with Hispanic and even Portuguese or Brazilian developers and relevant community members and, in general, with any person who thinks that he/she could provide the community their knowledge or experience with NVDA, using a similar model to NVDACon's. At this stage, we would like to know what do you think about this idea and also to have your approval to use the model (or a similar-to one) you created, because, in fact, NVDACon is our inspiration for this event.

It would be great to have also feedback from you during the planning and the event, because your experience organizing this kind of meetings is very valuable for us.

When replying, please use "Reply All" so all the team can follow up the conversation.

Thanks in advance for your attention and response.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours faightfully,


Iván Novegil Cancelas

Comunidad hispanohablante de NVDA | Proyecto
- @nvda_es

Usuario do NVDA en galego

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