Important (reply offlist please): NVDACon International 2016/Tenth Anniversary Edition: second half, invitation to attend keynote presentation


Ladies and gentlemen,


This is Joseph Lee, the chair of the NVDA tenth anniversary planning committee. I’d like to give you some status report on happenings at NVDACon 2016 and to cordially invite you to join us for the second half of this conference.


So far, the conference attendees had a chance to meet authors of their favorite add-ons, learned how awareness of NVDA makes a difference in workplaces, got a sneak preview of Dictation Bridge and more. We also heard from people such as Sean Randall, Dave Williams and others, as well as to chat with Fernando and mark, the developers of F123 Access, as well as to get a glimpse of what’s involved when writing NVDA add-ons.


But the conference doesn’t stop there: the second half is just a few hours away, and the second part starts with an introductory session on NVDA for those using other screen readers. Following that, we’ll have an exciting session on NVDA’s support for math, get a chance to learn about braille support and get a chance to talk to the gentlemen behind NVDA’s inception and history (Michael Curran and James Teh) as part of the keynote presentation.


For more information on this conference, as well as learn how to join us and listen to past conference sessions (including ones hosted last weekend such as F123 Access and Dictation Bridge), please visit


Of these sessions, I’d like to cordially invite you to attend the keynote session, to be held on April 30, 2016 at 00:00 UTC (5 PM Pacific on the 29th, 8 PM Eastern and elsewhere).


If you have any questions about this conference, please write to me directly at joseph.lee22590@.... Hope to see many of you at the second half of NVDACon, especially the keynote session.


P.S. I’ll leave you with a promo on NVDA as a movement: