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Hi all,

Below is a response from Jamie from NV Access. Note that not all things he mentioned are final and are subject to change. Thanks.




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Hey Derek,

First, thanks for the kind words. It's always heart warming to hear about the value of our work to people in the community. Thanks also to you, Joseph and others involved for contributing your valuable time to helping us celebrate NVDA's 10th birthday.

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Possible sponsorships:

At a planning meeting at the last NVDA Users and Developers conference, a few people discussed events for the next conference; we are aiming to hold the conference over two weekends in April.

It'd be fantastic if this could be in the later part of April due to CSUN being in late March.

We hope to reach out to companies and obtain sponsorships (donations to NV Access) for demonstrations and tutorial sessions using NVDA. A possible model we have discussed would include letting companies suggest different tutorials. For example, demonstrating math support with Mathplayer. Would this be something that NV Access would be willing to work with the community on?

Certainly! It might be worth discussing somehow collaborating more closely on the conference so that the NV Access brand can lend some extra weight/support. We're not the ones running it, so we wouldn't want to claim otherwise, but it could be a community conference in partnership with NV Access or some such.

Keynote session:

We would like to invite anyone who is part of NV Access to speak to the community about the history and progress of NVDA, and maybe demo any future improvements to NVDA, and allow the community a chance to personally thank you guys. Would this be of interest?

For sure. I'm not entirely sure what we'd speak about yet, but I'm certain we can work that out in good time. :)

T-shirt sales.

We envisioned creating a t-shirt for NVDA that promoted the screen reader, and maybe allowed people to have tangible proof of their commitment to open sourced accessibility. I would personally love to have a couple of I love NVDA t-shirts to ware, and maybe with a website or some braille on the t-shirt to spark interest among sighted friends who would ask what the shirt is showing. Is this something you guys would have interest in?

Please keep this amongst yourselves for now; it's not confidential as such, but we don't want it getting a huge amount of publicity before we're ready. As it happens, we're currently looking into selling T-shirts from our soon-to-be-launched online shop. This would obviously allow people to show their support, as well as providing a small revenue stream.


We are also planning to end each NVDA conference day with an NVDA testimonial from someone who NVDA has impacted in a major way. We are looking for NVDA community members and people who have contacted you guys with testimonials to ask them if they would like to record a short clip of audio with a testimonial.

Video and audio testimonials are certainly something we very much want ourselves for publicity, but they can be tricky to get without a lot of chasing. We do have people who have written with thanks or the like, but for privacy reasons, we can't give out contact details. However, maybe we could post on our blog and/or social media to try to get this happening.
Unfortunately, we can't give out any contact details

Media promotion

If you guys are interested, we thought about trying to see what loval or national news coverage we could get to explain the use of screen readers.

We're certainly happy to be involved in any media coverage. We kindly ask that you run anything by us if it makes any statements that could be construed as being official about NVDA or NV Access, just so we don't have any accidental miscommunications.

And the best for last:

As a thanking action from the community, The community would like to thank NV Access for this screen reader, and for making it possible to live a productive life without setting aside substantial funds to afford a commercial screen reader that is simply out of reach for some people.

Wow! That's a very nice thought and it's very much appreciated. We don't have many ideas right now, but the first thing that both of us thought of was something towards a holiday (travel vouchers or whatever), but I don't know if that's feasible. Neither of us get much of a chance to holiday! :) Aside from that, for me personally, the only other thing I can think of right now is an audio control surface such as the Behringer BCF2000 or similar. We'll let you know if we come up with anything else!

Thanks once again for your work and kind thoughts.


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