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derek riemer

Hi guys:

If we want recordings in a timely manner for NVDACon U.S., and you are willing to do audio editing of the final conference recordings, please let me know. Since we don't have a sponsorship program, we unfortunately don't have money to pay editors, so I'm afraid people won't be able to be ,paid for editing the conference materials. That's one of the reasons I mentioned tonight at the end that I want to start a sponsorship program for NVDACon, because audio editing is hard, time consuming, and something that only those with domain specific knowledge can easily do (In a quality way). It would be useful for the conference to be able to pay the audio editors for sessions. It would also be useful for the sponsors to sponsor NV Access in a public way, and to pay for much better web hosting, and of course 3d printed pizza for the panel meetings (inside joke, not serious). I will try my best to get sessions edited, but since work for NVDACon U.S. comes after homework since it's volunteer work, it may be a couple weeks until I get all of them done on my own. Thanks everyone for putting a lot of work in. Just a reminder: I do have the files from the audacity crash course I did. files.derekriemer.com/audacity_editing_class.exe I'm not an expert on audio editing, but the course could be useful for those who are interested in editing recordings from the conference.

Oh, and one more thing!!!!

Please welcome Shane to the mailing list. If you want to do your own  introduction, feel free to send an email to NVDACon@groups.io! Thanks for attending our planning meeting tonight!

P.S. Want 3d printed pizza? Well, you'll have to provide your own printer, but here you go. You'll have to get a much better digestion system to eat it unfortunately though.


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