[Blindmath] Announcing NVDA and math, session at NVDA Con 2016.

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Hi guys,
Sina Bahram, president of Prime Access Consulting, and accessibility
advocate, and Derek riemer, Student at the University of Colorado
Boulder and the author of this email, will be presenting a session on
NVDA and math, at the NVDA users and developers conference tomorrow. We
will be discussing the Mathplayer software and how it can interface with
NVDA to read mathmatics in both speech and braille, and will also
discuss a project from Benetech called Math Support Finder, which allows
a user to enter the technology they use, and receive feedback about what
math software will interface best with their assistive technology. I
hope that some people will find this session helpful. Along with this
session, the conference is featuring a keynote at 0:00 UTC on Saturday.
To learn more about this conference and how to join us to learn about
using NVDA to read math, please visit this site. The conference is
performed over the Teamtalk software, and is remote.

Derek Riemer

* Department of computer science, third year undergraduate student.
* Proud user of the NVDA screen reader.
* Open source enthusiast.
* Member of Bridge Cu
* Avid skiier.

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