[audacity4blind] myths and truths about the NVDA screen reader, reveations by its creator

Robert Hänggi

Hi, this might be of interest to you with regard to this year's NVDACon.
Sorry if you've already seen that. Robert
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Subject: [audacity4blind] myths and truths about the NVDA screen
reader, reveations by its creator
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Greetings everybody!

myths and truths about the NVDA screen reader, reveations by its creator:

Michael Curran, From Australia

Michael Curran started NVDA and nv access together with his
colleague Jamie T in 2006.
This is an open invitation to participate in a virtual conference on
Zoom, live to you from Australia, on Thursday, August 26, 2021, 4:30PM
Colombian time,
Friday, August 27, 7:30AM Australian time.
Organized by the confandi cultural center in the city of Cali, Colombia.

Michael's education includes a Completed Victorian Certificate of Education
(VCE) as well as VET Certificate 3 in Information Technology at Upwey
High School in 2002.
Bachelor in Computer Science from Monash University.
His work experience includes serving as the President of the youth
branch of Young Blind Citizens Australia from 2003 to 2006 and also as
the Victorian representative of Blind Citizens Australia National
Policy and Development Council during these years.
Michael currently works for NV Access Limited as executive director and
software developer.

He has also fostered relationships and contributed to the accessibility of
products by companies such as Mozilla, Microsoft, IBM and Adobe.
Topics to discuss will include Michael's background, cause of blindness, some
anecdotes, work and life experiences.
Moderator: Carlos Eduardo Monge from Cali, Colombia.

It is recommended to register for the event using the following form:

zoom meeting ID: 894 2337 3618
access code: 434027

you can also join the meeting by phone within Australia, by calling
the following local numbers, then you will be asked for the meeting ID

australian numbers:
+61 8 7150 1149
+61 2 8015 6011
+61 3 7018 2005
+61 7 3185 3730
+61 8 6119 3900

for other countries, search on the following page:

We will also have an audio livestream via
Listen to it by opening the following direct link:

Finally, here is the direct zoom meeting link:

Carlos Eduardo Monge Salamanca
# de móvil y whatsapp Colombia:
300 774 41 00
teléfono fijo en Cali:
337 87 84