April 17th: Joseph Lee to present "NVDA: Possibilities and Opportunities in 2017" at Accessible World Tek Talk


Dear NVDA community,


On April 17, 2017, I (Joseph Lee) will be giving a talk at Accessible World Tek Talk about NVDA community updates in 2017, focusing on recent developments, new features and some things under development.


Press release:

If there is one phrase to describe NonVisual Desktop Access, it is “possibilities and opportunities”. NVDA, the free, open-source, community-driven screen reader continues to open opportunities and possibilities, including ability to read Kindle books, improved support for Microsoft Office and Edge, and progress made in supporting various Windows 10 features. Combined with the new NVDA Expert certification program, continued partnerships with Mozilla, Microsoft and other companies, and enthusiasm of users continues to drive NVDA’s progress in 2017. Joseph Lee, a contributor to NVDA screen reader, Windows Insider and a certified NVDA Expert, will tell you what NVDA community has been up to, including some of the new features, certification program, upcoming NVDACon, and demonstrate latest developments in supporting Edge and Windows 10 Creators Update.


Topics to be covered:


  • What’s new in NVDA since 2016.3 with demonstrations of select features.
  • Improved support for Microsoft Word, including sections and text columns.
  • Improved support for Microsoft Excel, including cell border announcement and sheet location.
  • Progress in Windows 10 and Edge support, including first letter navigation in Edge, reading PDF documents, story behind audio ducking in Creators Update.
  • Other features, including reading Kindle books, disabling add-ons, GUI improvements, line indentation tone and others.
  • Community updates, including certification program, NVDACon 2017, DictationBridge updates.


Presentation details:


  • Date: April 17, 2017.
  • Time: 5 PM Pacific (8 PM Eastern, 00:00 UTC, 10 AM on April 18th for some).
  • Place: Accessible World Tek Talk Training Room (www.accessibleworld.org).


To participate, you need to install TCConference software. Go to accessibleworld.org, choose Pat Price Tek Talk Training Room link, download and install the conferencing system, then log onto the room.


Hope to see you on April 17th.