NVDA Conference planning meeting summary for February 13.

derek riemer

Dear NVDA users, developers, contributors, translators, and friends around the world:

I am Derek Riemer, one of the members of the NVDA 10th anniversary international conference planning committee. The following is a summary of our meeting that was held on February 13.

We have put together a rough draft of our schedule for the Conference to be held in April. The following topics will most likely be held on the following dates. Please note that this schedule is subject to change, and may or may not reflect the final schedule as talks are not in their permanent positions.

Sessions dates reflect the day as it would be in the UTC timezone.

Day 1: April 22

NVDA Con opener/user forum, chance to chat.

We will let people in the conference room chat about NVDA, similar to previous chat sessions that have occurred at previous conferences.

Lightning talk sessions.  5-10 minute talks.

We will invite different people to have lightning talks, where they have a chance to talk for a few minutes about something. Topics could include NVDA remote support, a speech synthesizer for NVDA, or anything users propose can be voted on by the planning committee.

Math session.

This session will be devoted to NVDA and Mathematics support.

We may have one more session to add later. Hopefully something for beginner users.

APR 23: Addons and development.

Introduction to addons

I will post more when I know more about this.

Addons from a jaws/Window Eyes prospective.

This session, intended for Accessibility consultants and scripters, will focus on the differences between writing NVDA addons, and scripting other screen readers. NVDA addon writers and Jaws scripters, along with window eyes scripters may be able to learn how to script NVDA to do things in other applications. Since blind people who are getting a job often have an employer hire a scripter to fix parts of applications that are used, knowledge is needed among accessibility consultants on how to script NVDA to work with an application. This session is intended as a session for this purpose.

Shaun and Dave's paper about employment. *tentative.

This will be a paper about how NVDA could be used in a job setting. This is tentative because the session may be on a different day.

April 29th: Beginners day.

Lightning sessions again.


Beginner sessions.

We will have sessions designed for NVDA beginners. These sessions may cover how to use a screen reader, and how to do basic things with a screen reader, and how to help screen reader users do things with their screen readers. Please spread the word about this, because we need to get a sense on what concepts in NVDA confuse beginners.

Corporate sponsors:

Also during the meeting we discussed corporate sponsors. If you know anyone who would like to sponsor the NVDA conference with a donation to NV Access, please let us know. Sponsors for lightning talks would be great as well.  We may have a session to fit here from Microsoft.

Apr 30.


NV Access will be speaking at a keynote session. They will discuss the future of NVDA.

user chat closing forum.


We want testimonials!

During the conference we will be presenting testimonials from NVDA.  If you or someone you know has been effected by NVDA in a positive way, please let us know. If you are interested, recording a short audio clip, or text would be great, and if you want we could let you speak live at NVDACon.


I hope this email found everyone safe and well! Please feel free to email driemer.riemer@... or joseph.lee22590@... with any suggestions or concerns/questions.




Derek Riemer

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