NVDACon modarators

Adriani Botez

Dear NVDA community,


since many years the community conference NVDACon is held and organized by different people on a voluntary basis. People who are engaged, who love the social interaction in this community and who are committed to this big social movement called NVDA.


If you feel and live the same values as described above, then please contact us at info@... and help us to moderate the conference next weekend!

Play audio games in breaks between sessions, stream your own music projects that you created with NVDA and the audio software of your choice, be one of the moderators in different sessions, look over the chat and be responsible for a friendly and nice conversation without forbidden content or abusing / discriminatory behavior.


If you wantto moderate with us together the NVDACon 2019, please apply at info@... and include your data (email address, name, teamtalk user name, teamtalk experience) and a short description of your moderation experience in the past.


Thank you for your valuable help in advance.


Best regards


Co chair of NVDACon board team