NvDA 2016.4 is out, the last event for NVDA's Tenth Anniversary celebrations


Hello NVDACon folks,


NVDA 2016.4 just hit the air. As a former chair, I’m delighted to see that this would serve as the closing act to a year filled with celebrations, reflections, and visions.

As I call the tenth anniversary celebrations to a close with today’s release, let us never forget that NVDA is a global thing. NVDA is more than a screen reader now – it is a global movement, bringing together thousands of talented people together to make a difference in the lives of many around the world. An idea conceived by two blind men became the driving force of change, hope, and opportunities for many, including education, employment, work, play, and everywhere in between.

To NVDACon International 2017 planners: I wish you all good luck in your planning endeavors. Never forget to serve the community, never forget that you are part of history, never forget that the reputation of NVDA’s outreach depends on all of you.