Notes on fourth NVDACON meeting

Adriani Botez

Dear all,


as always in time, here are the notes for the meeting which has just finished.


Status on NVDACon organisation (happenings at NV Access, final date)

  • Conference will be probably moving to october. More info will follow soon. Topic submissions period will probably be extended to end of august.



Topics submited so far

  • Lightning talk: Ralf Kefferpuetz presents two of his addons: Sonos desktop and total commander
  • Lightning talk: Daniel Mayr presents his new invention: a braille patern system in which every undefined unicode character can be displayed in 3 to 5 characters on a braille display (incl. emojis, undefined characters in braille output tables etc)
  • Ligtning talk: Minako demonstrates the Orbit reader with NVDA
  • Joseph holds a discussion with users of his addons and will announce the status of the python 3 compatibility of his addons.


Proposals for new topics, people and / or organisations that we should get in touch to

  • Microsoft: maybe a lightning talk or a discussion pannel about Edge chromium, its accessibility features and how it works with NVDA. A discussion about Accessibility APIs could be organized afterwards in a separate room
  • ARIA 1.1: this topic could be also a discussion pannel about how browsers talk to NVDA and how accessibility works. Steve Faulkner is a good address for this topic.
  • Derek tries to get someone from Google into the conference to talk about Chrome accessibility
  • Adriani contacted Jamie proposing a session about Firefox future accessibility plans and his work at Mozilla. Answer still pending.


Promotion work (theme, comunity promo etc)

  • A theme for the conference is not really needed but we will discuss this in later meetings
  • Joseph is willing to create a fresh community promo audio, timing about 4 weeks before the conference. Shaun can also contribute to that. Phrases from last community promo audios could be used also for the new one.
  • Start of official promotion to radio stations, podcasts etc will be moved according to the new final date of the conference.


Manpower for the conference (moderators, admins, audio editors etc)

  • We need at least 6 to 7 moderators and at least 4 audio editors
  • Moderators must be able to coordinate the chats, to ban spam users, to prevent abuses, to lead sessions and to moderate breaks (i.e. shut down speaking and stream something etc.)
  • Audio editors will ideally connect to syncthing to each other’s computer and exchange files etc.
  • Transcriptions would be a good idea but professional transcriptions are out of our budget and far too expensive.



  • Raw recordings of the sessions will be uploaded right after the conference (only pauses and annoying sound issues will be removed). This is the reaction to some complaints received last year. Final versions of the audio recordings will be uploaded at a later stage.
  • Unmoderated chat rooms are not an option since we want to prevent discussions about ilegal topics etc.
  • More than one  server running at the same time is also not an option because there are not enough moderators and this could impact the image of the NVDACon.
  • There are several ideas for streaming during breaks between sessions (i.e. music, play audio games, stream NVDA tutorials etc.). Shaun is also willing to help out with it.



Best regards