Notification of recording and post production learning session tomorrow.

derek riemer

if you would like to learn how to edit media files in audacity, I am leading a session to teach this tomorrow on the teamtalk server at This skill is highly valuable for post production work of the audio that is recorded at the conference. What you should bring:

1. Go to

2. Download the installer. It should be about 23 mb.

3. Install audacity. Don't expect mme to walk you through installing Audacity, come prepared. I will not wait for team members to install audacity unless there is clearly someone struggling to install it. If you struggle to install audacity without help externally, audio editing might not be for you, because this is an extremely demanding task in terms of feeling comfortable with your computer. You should be an intermediate to advanced windows user who feels comfortable using NVDA in situations where things that you don't expect occur. This is one of the most challenging things I have ever used my computer for, even more so than some of the computer science things I've done in school.

4. Show up at the NVDA-KR teamtalk server at 3:00 P.M. Mountain time (2:00 P.M. pacific, 21:00 UTC with your computer, and audacity ready to edit.


Derek Riemer

  • Department of computer science, third year undergraduate student.
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