2018 NVDA Community Add-ons Festival, to be held in September 2018


Hi everyone,


I’m delighted to announce the start of planning phase for NVDA Community Add-ons Festival, to be held in September 2018!


In 2017, the community held its first NVDA Add-ons festival to celebrate and recognize various NVDA add-ons and authors that brought them to life. As an offshoot of NVDA Users and Developers Conference (NVDACon), this event featured talks from add-on authors, and since last year, various awards, including add-on of the year, new author, and lifetime contributions.


As part of the planning phase, the organizers would like to ask add-on authors if they’d like to talk about their add-ons and/or important things the add-ons community needs to know. Also, for the first time, the community will be given a chance to vote their favorite add-on and author of 2018, to be presented during the keynote/awards portion of the event (more on this two-stage voting process to be detailed shortly).


If you have any suggestions or comments, please email me (Joseph Lee) at joseph.lee22590@.... Thank you.