Announcing the start of NVDACon US planning phase


Dear NVDA users, developers and supporters, wider NVDA community, accessibility advocates and others, especially those living in North America:


On behalf of NVDACon organizers, I’m delighted to announce the creation of a group dedicated to NVDACon US planning, promotion and attendance.


The NVDACon US is a regional NVDA users and Developers Conference (NVDACon) spanning United States, Canada and Mexico, joining the ranks of gatherings such as NVDACon JP, NVDACon Korea, NVDACon Asia and others, as well as being a mini version of NVDACon International. Just like the international counterpart, NVDACon US seeks to allow North American NVDA users, developers, supporters and others interested in NVDA to come together to discuss latest NVDA happenings, tentatively scheduled for sometime this year.


Group information:

·         Name: NVDACon North America

·         Chair: Derek Riemer (University of Colorado at Boulder)

·         Purpose: Planning, promoting and attending NVDACon US 2016 and beyond

·         Group page:

·         Subscribing: first, subscribe to NVDACon list by sending an email to, then subscribe to NVDACon US group by sending an email to


Besides North American one, the info for the other regional ones are:


NVDACon International:

·         Chair: Derek Riemer

·         Sponsor: NV Access

·         Scope: Worldwide



·         Chair: Takuya Nishimoto

·         Scope: Japan


NVDACon Korea:

·         Chair: Joseph Lee

·         Scope: South Korea and Koreans abroad


NVDACon Asia:

·         Organizer: Bahvya Shah (India)

·         Scope: Asian continent


Thank you.