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Dear all,
The below integrated survey seeks to determine the amount of interest in introducing a version of the NVDACon International Users and Developers Conferences and regional NVDACons which are currently held in places such as United States of America, Japan, Korea etc. For South Asian regions. Created originally by a fellow NVDA enthusiast (a friend of mine too), and I myself being a passionate NVDA enthusiast, would like to sincerely request all of you to fill this form carefully and spread the word about it to other NVDA users in South Asia, preferably online at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1P7xL7wPKHjN3GZs2Z1qBs_xZ7NEKnmWCywVk_pdBCr0/viewform?c=0&w=1 or by filling the fields and sending it to me privately at Bhavya.shah125@...

Sincerely looking forward to receiving many responses!

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NVDACon Non Visual Desktop Access screen reader Users and Developers Conference for South Asian regions

NVDA, having been founded in the year 2006 by a fascinated Australian blind programmer named Michael Curren, is now officialy ten years old today. As NVDA communities across the world celebrate this massive screen reading milestone, inspired from NVDACon International 2016 Users and Developers Conference 10th Anniversary edition, a group of people who are avid NVDA users, supporters and enthusiasts from India and Pakistan are willing to organize an NVDA conference for South Asia, where users, developers and even those simply interested in NVDA are given an opportunity to network with fellow NVDA residents, and share, discuss, learn more about and shape the future of NVDA. This survey has been authored by these NVDA loyallists and seeks to understand and ascertain the amount of interest in South Asian countries (like India, Pakistan etc.) in an NVDACon South Asia. We sincerely hope that you may take out a few minutes of your invaluable time in filling this survey questionairre carefully, to bring NVDACon South Asia to life.

* Required

What is your full name? *

Please provide your e-mail address below and any other contact information. Your personal contact information shall be kept strictly confidential and is being requested only in case the authors of this survey seek some further clarifications or correspondences with you.

Are you visually impaired? If so, what is the level of your visual impairment? *

o    ( ) totally blind

o    ( ) significantly visually impaired

o    ( ) partially visually impaired

o    ( ) sighted

Which screen reader(s) do you use on your Windows computer? You can choose more than one option in case you use certain alternatives are secondary choices, or only for testing or research purposes. *

o    [ ] NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access)

o    [ ] JAWS (Job Access With Speech) for Windows

o    [ ] System Access/System Access To The GO

o    [ ] Window Eyes

o    [ ] Other:

For what tasks and in what environments do you use or have used NVDA? You can choose more than one option in case you use NVDA in a variety of settings.

o    [ ] everyday use at home

o    [ ] work at office

o    [ ] education in school, college or university

o    [ ] only for software, web and accessibility testing and research purposes

o    [ ] Other:

How proficient are you in the usage of NVDA?

o    ( ) beginner

o    ( ) intermediate

o    ( ) advanced

Are you aware of NVDA conferences for its users and developers held internationally annually and have you participated in one? *

o    ( ) Yes, I have participated in a past NVDACon

o    ( ) I am aware of NVDACons but haven't participated in any

o    ( ) No, I am not aware of NVDACon

How interested would you be in an NVDA conference for South Asian regions, namely NVDACon SA, similar to regional NVDA conferences such as NVDACon KR, NVDACon JP, NVDACon US etc? You can choose more than one option in case you may be interested in shouldering out multiple roles in the conference. *

o    [ ] participating

o    [ ] presenting a session

o    [ ] helping in organizing and planning

o    [ ] chairing (chiefly managing the conference)

o    [ ] not interested

If an NVDACon South Asia does come to life, what should be the preferred language for communication in the conference? You may choose more than one option in case you wish the conference to be bi-lingual, tri-lingual and so on. *

o    [ ] Hindi

o    [ ] Urdu

o    [ ] English

o    [ ] Other:

What online conferencing platform should the conference be based?

o    ( ) Teamtalk

o    ( ) Skype

o    ( ) I don't know

o    ( ) Other:

Why would you like an NVDA conference to be held at the South Asian region? What do you like and feel about NVDA? What aspects related to NVDA would you like to discuss and learn more about in NVDACon SA?

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