NVDACon 2016: Second day schedule, Project Thunderstorm


Hi all,


First day of NVDACon was a blast. We had two dozen people at open forum, we heard a demo of Dictation Bridge, and had a chance to talk to F123 Access developers.


The second day (April 23rd) is just as interesting as the first:

·         Add-ons party with Joslee: 02:00 UTC (7 PM Pacific on the 22) at Google discussion room.

·         NVDA and employment: 14:00 UTC (7 AM Pacific) at the Accessibility seminar room.

·         Meet Derek’s add-ons: 17:00 UTC (10 AM Pacific) at Google room.

·         Interactive lab on writing NVDA add-ons and getting started with NVDA Core: 23:00 UTC (4 PM Pacific) at Mozilla discussion room (led by Joseph Lee).

Also, we’re doing a quick project called Project Thunderstorm. To find out more on what this project is, come to NVDACon site (TeamTalk server) at 10 AM Pacific (17:00) on April 26, 2016 and again at 7 PM Pacific (02:00 UTC on the 27th).


Thanks, and hope to see many of you at NVDACon International 2016 (Tenth Anniversary Edition)/second day.