Re: Keynote questions

Robert Hänggi

Hi Quentin

I don't think that there were many questions during the replay (if
they weren't already answered in the chat).

Speech would probably be best since adding them as text gives them a
certain emphasis.

However, I don't see the need to add anything. You can send the answer
to the Spanish question directly.

Here's the sparse chat log that I have from the replay.
I see actually only two real questions and I leave it up to you if
they have been answered already.


<Laura> I am wanting to find out could you all be able to fix it to
where dropbox addon could be put into cor ?
<The Wiley Coydog's Board> I'd say that'd probably not be worth doing.
and I think this is the replay.
<The Wiley Coydog's Board> lol.
<The Wiley Coydog's Board> just looked at the schedule.
<The Wiley Coydog's Board> And my net is lagging.
<Jason HPDQ1038WM> As to Laura's question, no can do on DropBox.
Besides, not everyone uses it. Especially me.
<Bachir BENANOU> q. Many people have been asking me whether it is
possible to launch NVDA automatically by the means of some sort of
AutoRun or other procedure to make NVDA launch on a computer without
the need for another screen reader. Does NVAccess have any plans on
acheving this? Thank you.
<Adriani Stream> during the installation process you can set NVDA to
start automatically when windows starts. You can also check the
checkbox to create the shortcut ctrl+alt+n to start NVDA on demand
<The Wiley Coydog's Board> it's ok. i think my net is getting more stable now.
<The Wiley Coydog's Board> This is a pretty fassinating keynote.
<Ethan> you are listening to the Q&A of the keynote. If you missed the
keynote, it will be posted on
<The Wiley Coydog's Board> cool. thanks.
<Adriani Stream> feel free to write your questions in the chat, we
will direct them to NV Access afterwards
<Robert, Chair NVDACon> They will answer in speech and we will post the addendum

On 07/12/2020, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:
Hi Robert and everyone,

Firstly, congratulations on a fantastic NVDACon! You did a great job
organising it, and I loved the livestream tweeting of the keynote (although
I mostly caught up on that after).

I'm just collating the questions now and wanted to check - what format did
you want responses to these in?

Text is probably easiest, unless you wanted the answers recorded to add on
to the end of the original? I also have some questions from the Spanish


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