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Robert Hänggi

On 08/12/2020, Iván Novegil via
<> wrote:

According to what I've seen, Zoom can be paid month-by-month, but the
web offers anual plans by default. Anual prices are usually equal to 10
I could live with a monthly payment. The only problem is that you have
to cancel the subscription each year after the month of the conference
because they renew it by default.


Additionally, for nonprofit organizations, at least here in spain, zoom
seems to offer a 50% discount on all plans, 1 plan request per
organization per year, via Techsoup. As Techsoup is an international
company, I think similar offers would be available in other countries.

I don't think moving from TeamTalk is a fundamental need for conferences
such as NVDACon or our local meeting, but to be honest some people was
complaining about TeamTalk also during our last conference, held in last
month; however there wasn't such a strong debate as in NVDACon's
openning forum.


Congratulations on all your work. Regards.

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O 08/12/2020 á(s) 2:20, Robert Hänggi escribiu:
Thanks Quentin for the kind words

I must say it was such a pleasure and so inspirational to work with
you one to one that I didn't mind staying up wide into the small hours
(like now where it is 2:00 am here).
Especially in the first weeks when I felt like doing a one-man show
and reaching out to you was soothing to my mental balance.
Our "conspiracy" produced some great ideas of which not all could make
it into the conference as yet but they are burnt into our sub
conscience (or just the email archive) so that they could pop up any
time again.
I'm looking forward to work with you again in whichever role that might

On 08/12/2020, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:
Congratulations Joseph, Robert, Derek, Austin, Laura and everyone
on running a very successful and well received NVDACon, great job!

Joseph, you will be missed, but you have setup a great foundation and got
talented group of people holding the fort so enjoy your time away from
running the show next year!

In terms of cost, NV Access are certainly willing to contribute
to whatever solution is going to work best for the conference organisers
and participants - although of course we need to be able to justify the
expense as well, and it may be that approaching a particular platform
sponsorship is worthwhile.

For now, congratulations again on a great conference, and I look forward
hearing the recordings!


On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 11:48 AM Robert Hänggi <>


Again, for reference, here is the pricing page of zoom:

I'm horrified when I check the feature we want and read the total cost.
I've read comments like "If they can't afford $10 per month, I will
gladly pay it from my own pocket".
This is very misleading. The minimum plan for our purpose costs $200
The ideal plan (with phone calling, enough participants, live
streaming, multiple rooms, replays, better website integration and so
on) amounts to $1200 per year.

Some people said that we could use their accounts.
I don't know how you feel about it but I don't like the thought to be
dependant on others.
Nonetheless, we will check out the options and Doug lee (as Joseph
said) is composing a workbook with all the possibilities.


On 08/12/2020, Lino Morales <> wrote:
Yes you are correct James. I wonder between NV Access and
individuals/non for proffit orgs around the world with some promotion
etc. could raise money to use Zoom? If the NVDA community worldwide
starts something like this now that would be great. Yeah I know many
folks can't donate, but if we get said orgs for the blind on board
would be a running start.

On 12/7/2020 6:27 PM, James Teh wrote:
I'd respectfully point out that Zoom is not free - it actually ends
being quite costly for something like NVDACon - so it's not simply a
matter of popular opinion. Any proposal to move to an alternative
platform also needs to consider how that platform will be funded
and/or set up.


On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 9:08 AM Lino Morales <
<>> wrote:

I didn't partake in the Con this year, however I vote for Zoom
2021 and later. As you stated Joseph the hosts have more
I'm been crowing about getting Zoom for the past couple of years
pree pandemic. Glad it went well and hope to hear the recordings

On 12/7/2020 4:39 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:
Hi all,

First, it was great to see many people at NVDACon 2020. I
personally consider this a successful event despite the
and its effects. Although we had issues in the beginning, it
smoothly, especially as the post-keynote QnA was very

A few thank you’s:

* Robert Hangi: chairing the organizing committee and
the pre-keynote experience.
* Laura Cornwell and friends: effective promotion, and for
streaming parts of the conference.
* Austin Pinto and other recording engineers.
* Derek Riemer: infrastructure and providing support.
* NV Access crew: another amazing keynote.
* Presenters: for diversifying the topics.

And most importantly, audience members who shared their passion
for NVDA and giving organizers countless encouragements. Hope
event served as a healing moment for you.

Second, based on actual experience and post-event feedback, I
would like to suggest that organizers look into a different
platform for NVDACon 2021 and beyond. Of course we have to
about accessibility and outreach, but mostly to help future
conference moderators perform their tasks more efficiently.
is a possibility, and Doug Lee apparently organized an Excel
spreadsheet with potential platforms. I would also like to
suggest that when a platform is chosen, organizers meet
using that platform to familiarize themselves as to how to use

Lastly, NVDACon Twitter feed is still alive. The next post from
there will be done when recordings become available.

I announced this after the closing forum, but this is to affirm
that I will not be participating in NVDACon planning for next
year. However, if people want me to, I can give coaching for
presenters upon request – mostly to go over online presentation
etiquette, how to respond to comments, and refining small
in content. Apart from that, I will be your biggest fan from

May the NVDACon continue to bridge the community for years to



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