Re: streaming the con.

Robert Hänggi

On 01/12/2020, lauracornwell <lauracornwell1@...> wrote:
Hey there, I am proud to say that I have gotten into contact with someone
who will let us use there streaming server. For the weekend. The person
who is going to be streaming it for us his name is herbie he is also the
who did hour premo for us this year.
That's nice, I hope he has enough time to test it.
Remind me to put in some shout-outs to and Herbie
Allen during the conference.
Thanks for doing the research and finding a provider.

the link to put on the sight is
I assume that this isn't the final link since it takes one only to
their website.
Again, the idea is to provide a live stream to the session without
installing and launching TeamTalk.
Instead, activating the link should redirect to the live stream which
either starts playing automatically or after pressing some sort of
"Play" button.
Do you have an idea of how many users can tune in simultaneously?

Looking forward to a working version.

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