Re: 2020 program and schedule: getting ready for official public distribution

Robert Hänggi

Hello Again
Here's the newest schedule (simplified Excel version without addresses etc):
Please proof-read it.
Quentin provided the new description a couple of hours ago.
I slightly altered it for the replay.
Laura sent me the Addon Mania description but I took the liberty to
rewrite it so that it resembles what the three explained in our
I'm still not sure about the descriptions for the Japanese sessions.
Nonetheless, Derek has my green light to update the website (urgent!).


On 01/12/2020, Robert Hänggi <> wrote:
Hi Derek

On 01/12/2020, derek riemer <> wrote:
Sounds good. For what it's worth, we can create a new link for the
schedule. However, I kept the link the same as last year in case anyone
accidentally clicks the schedule from last year, so they get this year's
schedule instead. If you know of a way to do a redirect with wordpress,
please let me know, and I'll change the URL.Thanks Robbert for everything
on maintaining the conference this year!
Does this help?
Maybe you have to install the redirection plug-in.

Perhaps you should rename the schedule page to something like
current_schedule instead of using a specific year so that we can
overwrite it next year as well.

If you find the time today, please update the site so that current
changes are reflected.
There will be more modifications be involved further down the line but
at least the times are now fixed.
Watch out for the changes for the keynote. I've changed the type from
keynote to full because it displayed on the website as
Keynote: Keynote by NVAccess

Perhaps we should change the title instead so that it reads something like:
Keynote: Annual report for NVDA
Author: NVAccess

BTW Author sounds queer to me, I would prefer speaker or presenter
instead, what do you think?


On Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 10:37 PM Robert Hänggi <>

Thanks Joseph

We are aware of the wrong domain route (2019)

I've sent emails out to all presenters (except Laura Guillem and you
because you were at the meeting).
I had four replies so far. In essence, they agreed with the dates,
titles and descriptions that I proposed.
I had to move Áine 11 hours forward since she lives now in Norway. She
replaces the Nepal session (they didn't react despite three
request/inquiry/reminder emails).

I'm now waiting for the descriptions of Laura's session and for the
Keynote (both parties are informed).

We have also some additional material to upload (through Quentin) such
as hand-outs, documents etc.


On 01/12/2020, Joseph Lee <> wrote:
Hi all,

Once Robert greenlights this, NVDACon 2020 program and schedule will
distributed on the following NVDA lists:

* NVDA users list
* NVDA Development (nvda-devel)
* NVDA Add-ons list
* NVDA Translations
* Possibly: NVDACon announcement list

By the way, the address for the program says "2019".



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