Re: 2020 program and schedule: getting ready for official public distribution

Robert Hänggi

Thanks Joseph

We are aware of the wrong domain route (2019)

I've sent emails out to all presenters (except Laura Guillem and you
because you were at the meeting).
I had four replies so far. In essence, they agreed with the dates,
titles and descriptions that I proposed.
I had to move Áine 11 hours forward since she lives now in Norway. She
replaces the Nepal session (they didn't react despite three
request/inquiry/reminder emails).

I'm now waiting for the descriptions of Laura's session and for the
Keynote (both parties are informed).

We have also some additional material to upload (through Quentin) such
as hand-outs, documents etc.


On 01/12/2020, Joseph Lee <> wrote:
Hi all,

Once Robert greenlights this, NVDACon 2020 program and schedule will be
distributed on the following NVDA lists:

* NVDA users list
* NVDA Development (nvda-devel)
* NVDA Add-ons list
* NVDA Translations
* Possibly: NVDACon announcement list

By the way, the address for the program says "2019".



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