Starting Spanish keynote translation organization for NVDACon 2020

Iván Novegil

Dear all.

After internal approval, we have set some guidelines that will define our proposal to translate, one more time, the NV Access keynote into Spanish. I've already sent them through Skype.

Unfortunately, last year's translator is not available for this one. We are still looking for a new interpreter, but I'm sure we'll found them.

We propose, as main change, to remove the live translated Q&A session after the European re-broadcasting of the keynote, as the participation last year was not as high as to stay up all night to have the keynote translation recorded and edited on time.

So this year our intention is to have Sunday's 6th morning to translate the keynote, and then broadcast it on our own server around 18/19:00h UTC, which is also a good hour for Latin-america, not only for spain as the last year.

Questions, if any, would be submitted to us, both before and after the keynote, through our support system at soporte@..., social media, and so on. then we would forward them translated to NV Access, and get back to the user with their response.

Please, feel free to give feedback, it is very appreciated. Specially @Robert and @Quentin, please review this proposal and give me your OK. the coordination we need with this system would be minimal, but it is important to have agreement between all the implied parties. I think we should also stablish a stronger coordination mechanism, as this mailing list didn't fully worked last year for that purpose.

Best regards.


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