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Cleverson Casarin Uliana <clcaul@...>

Seems good; lets hope that the show really happens.


2015-11-30 18:30 GMT-02:00, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...>:

This could be an excellent use of media promotion. Let us know if you have
any suggestions and comments. Thanks.

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This message is for Jamie, Mick, and Joseph. Joyce Bender, who owns the
company I work for has said that she would devote an episode of her
radio show, called Disability Matters, to talking about NVDA, and the
up-coming ten-year anniversary. The show is aired at 2:00 PM US Eastern,
which is 19:00 UTC, if my math is correct. In our discussions, we talked
about the possibility of pre-recording the show to accommodate for the
difference for Jamie and Mick. I'm in the process of finding out when Joyce
is able to do the show. You can go to and
click over to the site that hosts Disability Matters, if you are interested
in seeing the archives or listening to a live show, to get the feel for how
it might possibly work. I thought of Joseph, because he is a major force in
the add-ons community. If I'm missing someone important, it is totally
unintentional. So please let me know who else should be on the show. We
would want to keep the number of people small. I might also be on the show,
because we use NVDA for accessibility testing at our company.

Thanks in advance for your interest.


Jim Homme,
Accessibility Consultant,
Bender HighTest Accessibility Team
Bender Consulting Services, Inc.,

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