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NVDACon (at least the international version) began in 2014.
I'm willing to provide guidance on organizing this, provided that the community really wants this and people are willing to help once they are ready. Still, I advise holding off until people are mentally ready (chairing and organizing a virtual meeting requires commitment, which also involves mental work).

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No, as far as I know first NVDACon was in 2012, so 10 years anniversary in 2022.

That would be great Robert. AS I said, I can support you if needed and I am sure Derek as well.

But I think first of all we need enough people for moderations and promotions. Otherwise it will be a hard job. Last time I slept two hours or so in the whole weekend :-) but was a great experience.

I think Pascal and Jesse were last time also very engaged, so we might contact them as well.


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Well, I can take the Co-Chair if no one else can be beaten to it.

Isn't there an anniversary this year as well?

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Dear Quentin and all,

as for me, I have already written that currently my job takes alot
of my ressources and currently I also have some other priorities
this year. I would be glad to help out as much as I can for NVDACon,
but someone else might take the lead here.

I have already written this at the beginning of the year, but sofar
we didn’t get any applications for the co-chair position sofar unfortunately.

Currently there is a good infrastructure in place on Google drive as

* A promo sheet with many addresses (social media channels, mailing
radio stations etc) where NVDACon could be promoted
* A spreadsheet with a time frame for sessions, ready to go. Only
name, description and author need to be adjusted accordingly. I
think Derek even used his super skills and improved this and linked
it with the website so that timehzones are considered automatically.
The spreadsheet itself is in UTC
* Standards for audio editing in case anything needs to be uploaded
* Agendas and notes from previous NVDACon organizational meetings
to see
what was discussed.

The only thing we need are moderators and promoters. I am happy to
manage the email address info@... <mailto:info@...>
and respond to queeries etc. But I will not be able to do the promo
job and the organizational stuff like writing to presenters etc this time.

So happy to see some interested people who are motivated to take the
lead here. I certainly would give some guidance and support where needed.



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Hi everyone,

NV Access are certainly keen to continue to champion NVDACon and
happy to provide whatever support is needed. I think this year more
than ever, people are looking at what online conferences are around,
so I think it should be well received publicly (my completely
unscientific opinion). As it happens I was speaking with one of the
presenters from last year who had some notes from her talk. I was
thinking I might share those in perhaps the next In-Process and that
might be a good segway into getting people starting to think about
the conference. I just put out In-Process last night, so if we have
any thoughts on what we'd like to start to say at this point (just
"we're starting to plan this year's NVDACon, start thinking about
what you'd like to
have included" is fine).


On Sat, May 16, 2020 at 11:27 AM Austin Pinto

we should have the con. i dont know what others say.

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Hey there, to all wherever you are around the world. First, I would
like to say I hope that this message finds you well. What I am
wanting to find out is are we having NVDACon this year and if we
are when are we going to start planning for it? I would like to
start working on it as soon as we can so could people please reply
back thanks ..

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@austin <mailto:@austin>
follow me on twitter.
contact me on skype.


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