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Lino Morales

Derrek. Will the files be uploaded soon so we can hear all the NVDA Con events via Mp3? Thanks.

On 11/20/2019 9:15 PM, derek riemer wrote:
Hi guys:
I'd like to try something new this year. Please let me know a time for your availability this weekend or sometime soon. We could also do this via email if you like.
We should do a post-conference retrospective.
I want everyone to have ready the following.

* 1 thing they thought went well at the conference.
* 1 thing they thought didn't go as well as it should have at the conference.
* 1 lesson you learned about running NVDACon this year.
* 3 action items for making next years planning more productive.
* prase for at least one thing a member of the committee excelled at achieving this year. This is designed to thank committee members be thankful for each of our contributions, and boost our teamwork. We achieved great things this year because we worked together, recognizing that this organization is entirely run by volunteer efforts. By thanking eachother, I am hoping people will thank committee members for the often unrecognized work they do.

Remember, we want to have a no-blame culture when reflecting on the previous conference. We want to reflect on the organization, leadership styles used, processes used to achieve the conference, etc. We don't want to name call, or blame individuals. For example, instead of mentioning that loud mic noise occurred because of a specific moderator, we would want to phrase this as a flawed process making it too easy for moderators to activate someones mic.
Thanks for everything everybody did to pull this event off, it really went well. We had very good turnout, and the sessions were exciting.
Derek Riemer
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