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Adriani Botez

Hey Iván,


we have discusseed following topics:


  1. Schedule of the conference (times still have to be finally confirmed by speakers).

The live keynote will take place on november 17th 01:00 UTC. I know this is an ugly time for Spain, I am in Germany for me it will be 02:00 AM. But this is the best time for australian based people.

The replay of the keynote will take place on november 17th at 09:00 UTC. So you have about 8 hours time to translate the keynote and replay it at the same time as we do on the NV Access server. Do you need a dedicated room? Or will you use your own server?

After the replay, NV Access will come online for the second Q&A session. This is the time when your translator should be online on the NV Access server and also on your server to translate questions and answers back and forth.


  1. Audio editing

We are setting up our systems and during last week before the conference everything will be tested to synchronize quality.

We decided to upload raw recordings on the website first and final versions will follow. This should minimize user complaints.


  1. Promotion

We decided to post a topic of the week on Twitter and facebook. Laura is preparing two interviews with radios / podcasts, a recorded one at the end of this week and a live one shortly before the conference. On facebook we have reached more than 60,000 people since May 2018.

Derek and Robert are working to produce an audio promo for the keynote (incl count down etc). Laura wanted to send us a preliminary text which could be spoken during the audio promo.

A slogan should appear On the website. Given the internationality of the topics that we have this year, we thought “NVDA is everywhere”would be a good one.


  1. Moderators

Still to be completed. We will post on mail lists a request that we need moderators. Sofar Derek, Ethan, Bhavya, Laura, Austin and me we will moderate sessions but we need more people.


  1. Entertainment during breaks

We will certainly have some breaks between sessions, sometime about two hours. We thought audio gaming, playing music and other entertainment stuff is welcome. Shaun wanted to do some audio gaming during the breaks. But we are still searching for people who also want to contribute during breaks.






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Hi all.


Could you send a summary of the topics which have been discussed? At least of any topics that could affect us, as the project of translating the Keynote is still active and being planned.


Thanks! Regards.


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O 21/10/2019 21:34, Adriani Botez escribiu:

At which time?



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Hey there everyone   , I am wanting to find out who would be able to do a recorded interview  on Friday  or Saturday of this week dates are the 25 or 26 please let know thanks everyone


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Yes it is hear .


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Hello all,


is it ok for you if we meet at 21:30 UTC? I have another meeting beforhand and it could take a bit longer.






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