Re: Next NVDACon meeting on June 30th, 16:00 UTC

Adriani Botez

Hey Quentin,


yes I know it will be late for you. It’s really heavy to find a time suitable for most of us. Last meeting did not occur actually, so you didn’t miss anything now. Thank you very much for promoting our call for topics and NVDACon in general. This is very apreciated.


So maybe we meet you on june 30th. Otherwise I can send you the notes from the meeting so you stay uptodate.







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I'll see how I go, although 16:00 UTC = 02:00 AM AEST :)


Did I miss anything important from the last meeting?  I didn't pick up on the change of date until too late.


Is there anything you need me to do? I did remember to include the call for topics in our last In-Process:






On Fri, Jun 21, 2019 at 4:29 AM Adriani Botez <adriani.botez@...> wrote:

Dear all,


this time hopefully I am early enough to announce the next meeting. :-) The meeting will take place on june 30th, 16:00 UTC. Who is available?







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