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Adriani Botez

I think this can theoretically be done if we can stream to multiple channels at the same time. Because the best option in my view would be to do it at the same time when we stream the second time the key note for european time zones. NV Access will hopefully be available again for answering questions or discussing suggestions. If you have a translator who can fulfil your needs, why not?


The biggest concern I have in this regard is that if we do this for spanish language, I know at least three more countries which would like to do it as well. So we run into a never ending story.

But why don’t you just invite NV Access personally to the spanish conference? At least for an interview? This would clarify many questions during the year.


I propose you a solution: we could stream the keynote live on youtube and your translator could then translate it simultanuously. The translator must be logged in teamtalk at the same time. So the spanish users on youtube can write comments and raise questions and the translator can read them live at the keynote since he is on Teamtalk. Then, he can translate the answers simultanuously on youtube. We just have to make sure that his spanish translations are heared only on the spanish youtube channel where the conference is streamed and his english is heared both on youtube and teamtalk.


This could work with multiple countries at the same time. I think this is not too hard to achieve.


Derek do you have any thoughts on this?










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Hello all.


If you remember, last summer I sent to this list, through NVDACon's info address, used by Derek, some information regarding our local community meeting, which finally took place from 19th through 21st October 2018 with quite success and really interesting conferences in our language, and requesting suggestions from the NVDACon's organization team.

This time I'm writing here to propose an idea we've been thinking about for some days and which has been well received by some people on our community list.


It would be very interesting for us to explore the possibility of broadcasting NVAccess keynote in Spanish, and we have got several points we'll need to discuss if you like this project:

1. Recording the original part and the translation and then broadcasting them, mixed, through the platform which is finally chosen for NVDACon (through the main channel or even through an additional one to not interfere with other conferences in english), at an affordable time for Spanish speakers (timezones range from UTC+1/+2 to -5/-6).

2. Recording the original part and the translation and broadcasting them, mixed, on our own, with the corresponding permissions.

3. Possibility of letting attendants do questions, also bidirectionally translated. This time, as it was done with the European time adaptation last year, I think that someone from NVAccess should be present.


We've already asked an experienced translator who has agreed on translating this if his calendar allows him to. Anyway we could even find another if there were any problems with calendars.


What do you think about this?

It would be great for us to organize this as it would directly provide our community with information we've never able to access under the same conditions as English speakers.


Thank you in advance. Regards.


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