Notes from planning meeting April 8


Sorry this is out so late.

Notes, April 8, 2018, 00:00 UTC
Suggested topic for NVDACon 2018: Future Proofing NVDA

• Volunteer to reach out to microsoft a11y for a session idea.
• Someone ask the all powerful Jamie if Mozilla wants to have a session.
• Reach out to the german accessibility team (Adriani?)

List of full sessions:
Title: NVDA Technical Support: An Introduction
Presented by: Joseph Lee
Purpose: to provide advice and tips for the community regarding
providing technical support for NVDA screen reader

Lightning talk:
Stuart Lawler
National Council for the Blind of Ireland
For many people who need technical support, they can get some of the
most useful advice via peer learning and discussion. We have created a
virtual space to support this to take place, as well as to bring
expertise from all over the world to our virtual table.
Our lightning talk would introduce our Virtual Technology Club model,
discuss how we set it up and highlight our successes and things we’ve
learned along the way.

Lightning talk:
Minako Nonogaki
document scanner ScanSnap and bundled OCR software ABBYYReader with use of NVDA

Ideas of sessions:
Best practices when formatting documents session (possibly Ashley)
How to best navigate Classroom, Canvis, or Blackboard with NVDA
(possibly Ashley)

Send email to addon authors to see if they would like to do a session
or lightning talk. Send emails to:
? Tony Malykh
? André-Abush Clause
? Javi Dominguez
? Abdel
? Jose Manuel Delicado
? Damien Sykes-Lindley
? Tuukka Ojala
? Doug Lee

Best time for the conference as the first weekend in June (June 2/3,
possibly June 4 UTC).
Keep NVDACon to a two day event with 4 sessions each day as well as
close together. This would ensure attendance.
May be nice to record the keynote live, then replay the recording 8
hours later and have NVAccess represent after the keynote for
questions for the European community.
May request for questions to be emailed to NVAccess in advance so that
they can prepare.

• advertising the con. We should reach out to (Laura?):
• ACB Radio
• Access world,
• Edified Access Radio
• The station in india, Radio Udan (Bhavya?)
• The blind side radio show


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