Last Call for Topic Submissions!

Ashley Coleman

Hi everyone,

Call for Topic Submissions


The NVDACon International planning committee would like to invite you all to submit topics for the upcoming conference. The conference will be held in May or June of 2018. The date and agenda will be released at a future time.

If you are a business, organization or individual that is passionate about a topic related to accessibility, please submit your topic to us by March 17th, 2018. If you have any questions, or would like to submit a topic, please contact info@....

There are two types of talk available for NVDACon. A lightning talk is a fifteen to twenty minute talk, and there will be two or three in a session, with limited time available for questions. The second type of talk is a full length session. These are usually an hour or an hour and a half. These sessions are great for a much more in depth topic.

We are looking forward to your topic proposals.


The NVDACon Team



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