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From: <google>
Date: Mon, May 1, 2017 at 1:33 PM
Subject: NVDACon presentation
To: Me

Hi Derek,

My name is Nektarios and I work for Chrome Accessibility.

I was contacted by Jamie at NVAccess asking me if Google would like to participate in NVDACon. We accepted, so here are the things you have requested:

1. I need a short description of your session suitable for the world to get all excited about. These will go on the website.

Chrome: a familiar yet innovative browser.

If you are an NVDA user,you will be happy to discover that Chrome works like any other desktop browser you are familiar with. However, that's not the end of the story.

During this session we will go through the four tenants on which Chrome has been built, (security, speed, stability and simplicity), and explore some of its more innovative features, such as cross-device syncing and user profiles. For tech enthusiasts, we'll talk about how to debug accessibility issues and file actionable accessibility bugs. For developers, we'll go through the basics of Chrome's accessibility infrastructure.

2. Times you can and cannot do. Also, your timezone so we can plan times.

My time zone is EDT, US Eastern Daylight-Savings Time.

I think that I can participate any time, as long as it's not during the night. (Smile.)

Could you give me some choices?

3. Your preferred name, and if it's not a standard English pronunciation, an audio recording of how to say it.
Nektarios Paisios




Derek Riemer: Improving the world one byte at a time!

  • University of Colorado Boulder Department of computer science, 4th year undergraduate student.
  • Accessibility enthusiast.
  • Proud user of the NVDA screen reader.
  • Open source enthusiast.
  • Skier.

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